Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am embracing this sunshine, and feeling its cozy warmth wash over me.
I can feel change all around me. Outside and in, there are things moving and shifting and with it comes a new found, and most wonderful, peace. Summer is approaching, and with it giddy emotions and many smiles. Oh how I love the summer.

The last year has been hard-hitting as I have juggled a full time job, a part time business, and the various roles of leading young women in my church. I know this is a somewhat self inflicted phase of difficulty, based in a large degree of over-commitment and a misguided belief that I was somehow super women. Impervious. Thinking I was able to accomplish far more than the average mortal in less time and no hiccups. I’ve come to recognize that I’m prone to filling the smallest gap with the biggest of tasks. When you’re already trying to manage lots of other tasks, filing gaps is certainly not a good thing. It’s certainly not a sustainable thing. It is a natural state of being a lot of the time, but you know when it’s no longer okay. When something has to give, before your sanity does. There are times when less really is so much more.

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fatfeet55 said...

Is it possible you learned these habits from your mother? It is wonderful to be needed or invited to join in, but not at the risk of your own health. Life is so beautiful, try not to rush through it. I love you both. Take time to smell the lilacs.